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KLRI Journal of Law and Legislation Vol.11 No.1, 2021
KLRI Journal of Law and Legislation Vol.11 No.1, 2021
  • Issue Date 2021-05-31
  • Page 209
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  • Regional Solutions: Export Measure for Plastic Recyclables to Reduce Marine Plastic Pollution in the Pacific Jacqueline Peel&Lee Godden&Alice Palmer&Rebekkah Markey-Towler Preview Download
  • Navigating in a Sea of Plastics: A Critical Reflection on the Legal Responses in the Philippines to Marine Plastic Debris Rose-Liza Eisma Osorio Preview Download
  • Public-Private Partnerships in Relation to Public Contracts and Procurement: Japan's Current Issues Shigeki Kusunoki Preview Download
  • Driving Offences Occasioning Deaths in the Road Transport Act 2018 in Bangladesh: A Textual Comparison with Their Equivalents in Australia Sheikh M Solaiman Preview Download
  • Violence Does Not Need To Be the Answer - How South Korea Embraces Peaceful Methods of Discourse over Social Issues through the Constitution Sanggyu Suh Preview Download