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The Trademark MUMUSO.KR and the Protection of Vietnamese Consumers' Rights

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The Trademark MUMUSO.KR and the Protection of Vietnamese Consumers' Rights
Thanh Mai Le
Publication Year
Vol. 8 Issue. 2, 2018
Trademark MUMUSO.KR; MUMUSOKR Co. Ltd; MUMUSO Vietnam; Korea; Vietnam; made in China; use of trademark; misleading indication; goods origin; consumer's rights.
In accordance with the Korea Trademark Act, the trademark MUMUSO.KR
(MUMUSO with insignia ".KR" inside of the letter "O") was granted protection
by the Korean Intellectual Property Office under Korean Certificate of
Trademark Registration No. 401141318 on November 06, 2015 (filing date
December 18, 2014, registration date November 06, 2015).1
The mark is also
granted protection in Vietnam in accordance with the Vietnam Intellectual
Property Law and Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the
International Registration of Marks (Madrid Protocol) under International
Registration No. 1330965, and valid up to November 18, 2026.2
The trademark
owner is MUMUSOKR Co. Ltd. established in Seoul.
MUMUSO.KR mark is not used in Korea. However, this mark has been in use
in Vietnam by MUMUSO Vietnam Export - Import Co. Ltd. (MUMUSO
Vietnam). It has opened more than 20 MUMUSO stores countrywide.
MUMUSO’s products include: Health and beauty care products, clothes and
accessories, house-wares, electrical and electronic equipment. Almost MUMUSO's
goods are China-made goods. But the MUMUSO's stores use the trademark
MUMUSO.KR in combination with Korean indication and the slogans of
“Korean fashion style”, “Coming from Korea”, “MUMUSO is typical for a
simplicity, model and healthy living of Korea style” to cause the confusion
about MUMUSO's product origin.3
Further, the appearance of MUMUSO's
goods is relatively familiar with Korean goods and Vietnamese consumers
believe that these products are of Korean quality albeit being made in China.
This article will analyze legal aspects concerning MUMUSO.KR mark, legal
grounds for trademark use in Korea and Vietnam and the protection of
consumers' rights from the use of confusing mark of MUMUSO.KR origin.
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. Legal Basic of the Protection of Trademark MUMUSO.KR and
the Protection of Vietnamese Consumer’s Rights
A. Legal Basic on the Protection of the Trademark MUMUSO.KR
B. The Use of the MUMUSO.KR Mark and Consumers' Rights Protection
in Vietnam
Ⅲ. Handling Measures and Responsibilities for Consumer Right Protection
A. Handling Measures
B. Responsibilities for consumer right protection
Ⅳ. Conclusion
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