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The EU System for the Protection of Geographical Indications and Its External Dimension

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The EU System for the Protection of Geographical Indications and Its External Dimension
Stefan Brocza
Publication Year
Vol. 8 Issue. 1, 2018
geographical indications (GIs); protected food names; trademarks; market access; FTAs; EU; Korea
The European Union (EU) has established an extensive legal framework for
the protection of geographical indications (GIs) for agricultural products,
foodstuffs, wines, and spirits. GIs are distinctive signs used to identify a
product originating in a territory of a particular country, region, or locality
where its quality, reputation, or other characteristic is linked to its geographical
In addition, the EU is active in multilateral and bilateral negotiations on this
issue. At a multilateral level, they are within the WTO framework. At a
bilateral level, it uses two different frameworks: the specific stand alone
agreements on GIs (e.g. the currently negotiated agreement with China) and
the broader trade agreements (e.g. the Free Trade Agreement (FTA)), such as
the negotiations for an EU-Vietnam FTA or the negotiations for an FTA with
The EU has already concluded a series of free trade agreements that contain
important levels of protection for geographical indications, such as the EUKorea FTA or the EU-Singapore FTA.
In summary, the EU internal rules together with the external agreements
concerning the protection of GIs created the world’s largest legal system for
GIs. The article presents this legal framework and focuses on the external
dimension, e.g. the rights and obligations for participating third countries.
Special emphasis thereby is given to the situation in Korea.
Table Of Contents
Ⅰ. Introduction
Ⅱ. The Evolution of Geographical Indications
Ⅲ. From Lisbon to TRIPS to Protected Food Names
Ⅳ. EU Agricultural Product Quality Policy
A. EU Quality Schemes for Agricultural Products
B. EU Quality Logos
C. Foodstuff and Agricultural Products
D. Wines
E. Spirit Drinks
Ⅴ. Various Methods for Protection
A. Protection and Control
B. Optional Quality Terms, Voluntary Certification
Schemes, and Third Country Agreements
C. Voluntary Certification Schemes
D. Third-Country Agreements
E. EU-GI Protection in Preferential Trade Agreements
Ⅵ. Conclusions
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