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2015 Annual Report Vol. 1

2015 Annual Report Vol. 1
Alternative Title
2015 Annual Report Vol. 1
Korea Legislation Research Institute
Publication Year
Research Report
2015 Achievements

■ Basic Research Projects
● A Study on Improvement of Coincidence on Laws, Regulations and Constitutional Law of Municipal Ordinance
● Legislation Study on Social Finance
● Legislative research for the improvement of air quality laws to reduce particulate matters
● A Study on the Improvement of Legal System for cooperation between Large Retailers and Small Retailers
● Legislation Research for New Technology-based secure electronic fianancial stability
● The Legal Study on Strengthening Disasterpreventive Management of Urban Space
● A Research on Korean People's Legal Consciousness in 2015
● A Legislative Research for Promoting the Tourism Economy
● A Study on Improvement of Administrative Penalties
● A Study on the improvement of the legislation regarding Welfare for Older Persons in the Aging Society
● A Study on Applying Age Standards on Legislation
● A Study on Improvement of Legislation Related to National Information for Realization of Government 3.0
● Research on the Legislation concerning the Management and Use of Natural Resources
● A Study on the Legislation of One-Person Household Society(II)
■ On-Demand Research Projects
● An Analysis Study about legal institution for National competitiveness
● The Legal Study on the Corporate Reorganization
● A study on the legislation of the Integrated Committee for efficient land use permission
● A Study on Improving Mother and Child Health Act for Healthy Pregnancy and Delivery
● A Study on the Legal Support Measures for Korea-China Industrial Parks and Complexes
● A Study on the revision of legislation related to National Assembly Security
● A Study on the Promotion Act for Operation and Mutual Utilization of National Research Facilities·Equipment
● Regulations for Promotion of Fintech Industry
● Study on Legislative Improvement for Non-Profit Organization
- focused on non-profit organizations within the remit of the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism -
● Legal Analysis and Implications of the leave system for Work-Life Balance in Japan
● A Study on the Legislative Improvement of Electronic Records Management
● Study on legislation for Sharing Economy in the Accommodation Industry Fields
● A Research on the Legislation of Conciliation of Fisheries Disputes
● The Legal Study for Marine Spatial Planning System
● study on measures to resolve social conflict factors with operating a compensation system for loss
Table Of Contents
02. Preface to the Publication
06. Mission
08. 2015 Business Overview
- 2015 Missions
- Direction-setting for Research Projects
09. Organization
10. History
13. 2015 Achievements
- Basic Research Projects
- On-Demand Research Projects
86. 2016 Missions and Directions
- 2016 Missions
- Direction-setting for Research Projects
89. 2016 Basic Research Plans
95. Publications
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