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dc.contributor.authorJiyeon Choi-
dc.description.abstractⅠ. Purpose and Scope of Research
□ With ASEAN Economic Community’s full materialization expectation by 2015, attention is drawn to ASEAN market. As a mean to invest into the ASEAN market, buying in an existing company is easier and safer than starting from scratch, given that proper research and due diligence are conducted. Thus, it is not surprising to observe that foreign investment through M&A with a local company is increasing and becoming popular than ever.
□ This research discusses the key aspects of the law relateing to M&A in Thailand and Korea and provides comparative analysis for formulating foundational knowledge on the issue for potential investors.

Ⅱ. Contents
□ M&A Laws in Thailand
○ Introduction of different forms of M&A in Thailand, with pros and cons of each methods explained, is provided.
○ Review on relevant M&A laws in Thailand, focused on laws impacting foreign investors such as Investment Promotion Act, Foreign Business Act, and Competition Act is stated.
○ A case study illustrating details of a M&A procedure in Thailand, along with particularities to heed to is portrayed.
□ M&A Laws in Korea
○ Current major issues of M&A Laws in Korea is introduced, including Triangular and Reverse-Triangualr M&A, Hostile M&A and Defense Strategies.
○ Review on relevant M&A laws in Korea, focused on laws impacting foreign investors such as Commercial Act, Foreign Investment Services and Capital Markets Act, Foreign Investment Promotion Act, and Telecommunications Business Act is stated.
○ A case study showing step-by-step guidance of M&A as well as the SK-Sovereign Dispute is illustrated.

Ⅲ. Expected Effects
□ Through the comparative analysis on M&A Laws in Thailand and Korea, this research aims to provide foundational knowledge on both countries for potential investors.
□ This research report may be utilized as basic information for international investment and foreign M&A research.
dc.titleA Comparative Study on M&A Laws in Thailand and Korea-
dc.typeResearch Report-
dc.subject.keywordM&A law-
dc.subject.keywordForeign Investment-
dc.description.statementOfResponsibilityJiyeon Choi-
dc.description.tableOfContentsⅠ. Introduction 9
A. Purpose of Research 9
B. Scope of Research 10

Ⅱ. M&A Laws in Thailand 13
A. Overview 13
B. Forms and Methods of M&A 19
C. Laws Concerning M&A in Thailand 32
D. M&A in Thailand: A Case Study 40

Ⅲ. M&A Laws in Korea 45
A. Overview 45
B. Major Issues of M&A Laws in Korea 46
C. Laws Concerning M&A in Korea 53
D. M&A in Korea: A Case Study 57

Ⅳ. Conclusion: Comparison of Laws in Thailand and Korea 63
A. Definition of M&A 63
B. Foreign Investment Limitations & Promotion 63
dc.relation.isPartOf법제교류연구, 14-18-1-
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