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Legislation evaluation research Center is a burgeoning domain that contributes to the establishment of constitutionalism, an increase in legislative quality, and the acquisition of actual suitability of the norm on the basis of legal, objective, and scientific analysis.

Since the Legislation Evaluation Research Project was launched in 2007, the LERC of the Korea Legislation Research Institute has studied the construction and systematization of a legislation evaluation system. It has analyzed and introduced theoretical and practical research for legislation evaluation in advanced law-abiding countries, and continues to execute domestic trial legislation evaluation, thereby playing an initiating role in establishing the foundations of legislation evaluation.

In order to create an advanced legislation system through a scientific approach, the LERC will "construct a legislation
evaluation model according to legislative field," "promptly respond to the demand for legislation evaluation,"
and "systemize legislation."

In addition, the LERC will contribute to establishing a national legislation policy by making efforts to bolster academic
research through continuous study on the methodology and theory of legislation evaluation and the use of both
domestic and overseas networks. We sincerely request both your participation in research activities and
your active concern regarding the LERC's results.

Thank you.

Korea Legislation Research Institute
Legislation Evaluation Research Center