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Many thanks for your kind interest in our website!

Welcome to the website of the Korea Legislation Research Institute.

The Korea Legislation Research Institute (KLRI) is a government-funded national policy research institute, established in July 1990, to systematically collect and manage legal information and conduct professional research on legislation, with the aim of providing advice and assistance in the formulation of national legislative policies and of improving legal services.

As Korea's only policy research institute specializing in legislation, KLRI produces effective legislative proposals for contemporary policy issues, based on high-quality research achievements. By gathering and providing information on legislative systems of various foreign countries and providing English translation of current statutes of the Republic of Korea, KLRI is contributing to the advancement and globalization of the Korean legislative system.

KLRI will continue its commitment as the driving force of the legislative policy development, apply its utmost endeavors to help shape Korea's global strategy, and support Korean enterprises to expand globally by providing timely analysis of legislative systems of other countries.

I look forward to your support and encouragement.

Thank you.

YooHwan Kim President, KLRI